Since 2003 Giannis Voulgarakis operates on a teaching level. Following one of his special desires, inaugurates the first cycle of seminar courses in his personal studio, Studio 55. Shortly thereafter, in 2005 he was asked by the makers of the "Mikro Polytexneio" to design and implement two courses, for beginners and advanced, lovers of photography.

Since then, Giannis remains an active member of the Mikro Polytexneio, managing to pass on the knowledge of "lens art". He argues that each one of us hides a photographer within him, who simply lacks the technical knowledge, which he can acquire, a statement, that the dozens of his students, would gladly confirm. 

During these years of his educational activities, he has implemented more specialized educational programs, with photographic laboratory agendas, such as analog photography, low quality machines with special effects (LOMO), digital Editing (Photoshop, Lightroom), developing photographic project and more. 

In 2015, he takes over the position of professor at the Leica Academie Greece, where he was also a student, teaching composition and frame, history of photography, aesthetics and style development. 

Throughout the course of his career, his photographic action moves alongside the teaching activity and beyond his constant educational collaborations he has undertaken individual educational programs from municipalities and other government bodies, in Training cycles for adults. 

Giannis's passion for teaching is stated directly and indirectly. The love of his disciples and the reputation of the teacher who is constantly looking for new ways to interact, to convey, to offer, constitute the most powerful proof.