Giannis experiences the world behind a lens, observing details in the mundane - beauty in what others may pass by as indifferent.

Through his educational path he chooses to indulge in graphic art, while later he decides to study in depth the Greek culture and after completing the cycle of theoretical studies he acquires a formal degree on what he always loved: Photography.

The famous Leica Academy is his educational springboard, while on the way it turns out to be transformed into his professional home. Since then, Giannis Voulgarakis has devoted himself to photography.

From 1997 until today he has been involved in advertising photography, portrait, photography, concerts and album covers, reportage and reproductions of works of art. In the past he has collaborated with several artists (painters, sculptors, musicians, actors). It is worth noting that it is one of the few Greek photographers specialising in the professional photography of cultural monuments and finds, which gives it a special professional dimension.

Today Giannis collaborates with the dominant cultural organisations of the country, such as the Hellenic Research Foundation and the Monastery of St. John the Theologian of Patmos, while at the same time undertakes a project of digitisation of cultural documents, in private or state level, without interrupting a moment of artistic photography, constantly enriching the portfolio of artists, who trust the imprinting of their image in the lens.

After communication and agreement you can take advantage of his professional experience and valuable and worthy services.